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About Us

The Republic of South Sudan’s education system aims to transform each learner to become a good citizen, who is patriotic and proud of his or her rich culture and heritage; active participants in society for the good of themselves and others; committed to unity, democracy, human rights, gender equity, peace and reconciliation and ready to take their place as global citizens, proud of South Sudan’s role and position in the world. In other words, a good citizen is a “conscientised” human being. A “conscientised” citizen is a person who has “learnt to perceive social, political and economic contradictions and to take action against the oppressive elements of reality”[1].In addition, the education system aims to produce a successful life-long learner, who is literate, numerate and keen to learn; is able to learn independently and with others; is proficient in the key competencies and is committed to life-long learning. Moreover, the system aims to produce a creative, innovative, confident and productive individual, who is enterprising and a creative problem-solver; willing to exert the effort that is necessary to success; able to relate well to others, and understand others’ concerns and needs; and diligent, resilient and persistent in their attitude to work. Lastly, the education system aims to produce an environmentally-responsible member of the South Sudanese society as well as a global citizen, who is committed to sustainable forms of development; aware of the fragility of the environment, and the importance of environmental sustainability to life and prosperity; and appreciative of the need for everyone to work together to preserve the environment for the common good and for future generations. Read More! us