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Ministry of General Education and Instruction

The Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan has clearly spelt out that basic education must be free and compulsory to all children in this country. It is therefore the mandate of the General Education Sector to ensure translation of this enactment into actual deeds. The Ministry is also mandated to develop appropriate policies and strategies for guaranteeing this noble task and to ensure that other related roles such as the oversight and equity issues are dealt with properly. These tasks are to be delivered by the Ministry’s directorates and secretariats, centers and a teacher development and management service and their respective departments through the stewardship of the senior management of the Ministry. Therefore, the mandate of the Education Sector is to respond to the Transitional Constitution (2011) Article 33 of the Republic of South Sudan and Vision 2040 which among others states that by 2040 South Sudan should be an educated and well informed nation and in so doing the Sector is committed to put the best strategies in place. These strategies are tailored towards achieving the Vision through addressing issues related to enrolment, efficiency and improving the financial management and accountability of the Sector.For Details visit:

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