Global Partnership in Education Programme


The objectives of the programme are to improve stability and development in the region, strengthening the resilience of communities and in particular the most vulnerable, as well as refugees and displaced people in South Sudan, through improved equitable access, retention, completion in primary education. This will be achieved by supporting the essentials of primary education delivery: (1) increasing teachers' attendance, and (2) enhancing effectiveness in teaching literacy and numeracy in a crisis affected environment.

Teachers’ attendance in primary school will be improved through the disbursement of incentives to teachers, complemented by an effective monitoring and evaluation system and the establishment of a teacher human resource information system.

Programme Activities

Objective 1: teacher incentive payments

Ensure the correct execution of regular and timely payments of incentives to primary school teachers in operational schools, linked to evidence of teachers' attendance, and with close monitoring and reporting on the receipt of incentives by the eligible beneficiaries.

Objective 2: Teacher Management Information System (HRIS for Education)

To scale up Human Resources Information System for Education/Teacher Management Information System in South Sudan, countrywide: is a comprehensive up-to-date electronic database of teachers employed and teaching in the nursery, primary and secondary education in all States.

Initial roll-out was substantially completed at end October 2017. The system is now being used to support biometric identification of teachers at payment. IMPACT will continue to support the system.

Working Together

The Education Transfers Monitoring Committee, a joint committee of MoGEI and partners, meets monthly, and oversees the progress of IMPACT. The implementing consortium, of BMB Mott MacDonald and Charlie Goldsmith Associates, and the State Anchor partners, work closely with technical counterparts at MoGEI and across the country.

Geographical Area

South Sudan, countrywide.


IMPACT started on 10 April 2017; it is expected that payment of incentives will be complete in early 2019.

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